Milk Testing Laboratory for Dairy Products

Get your milk products tested for regulatory and authenticity check.


SAFE LABS is the pioneer in private testing laboratories exclusively for milk and milk products.


There are distinct areas where most of the innovations in dairy foods are taking place across the world.


Organoleptic test to benchmark your product against the competitor on indulgence characteristics.

What We Do?

At SAFE LABS we offer complete quality assurance to our clients across their dairy supply chain. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures your products meet the highest standards. We perform rigorous physio-chemical testing of milk and milk products which ensure regulatory compliance. Contaminant and microbial testing protect your products from potential hazards. In-depth, milk profiling at collection centres along with specialized genomic test A1 vs A2 or Cow vs Buffalo milk testing provides valuable insights to the FBOs to segregate the milk accordingly. We also provide New Product Development (NPD) service which is supported by our lab though his testing services. Finally, one could gain a competitive edge through our unique benchmarking service, where one could get rating of his products against selected competitors at our laboratory and receive valuable comparative insights.

Who We Are?

We are a group of dairy professionals with over 30 years of experience in the dairy industry. The founder director of SAFE LABS is a National Resource Person (NRP) on dairy with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). We have been associated with the FSSAI for milk adulteration survey in India in the year 2106 and 2018. Our experts panel from the dairy and food sector have vast experience in testing, R&D and new product development.

New Product Development

There are numerous opportunities in New Product Development in dairy sector due to changing consumer trends. The world may see a paradigm shift in the consumption of food in post Covid era. There are three distinct areas where most of the innovations in dairy foods are taking place across the world.


Dairy is a single raw material industry. No technology in the world could make a high quality milk product from a low quality Raw milk. It is also very difficult to make high value added milk products by using poor quality raw milk. There are three major issues, which depend upon the raw milk quality.

Consumer Insights

Focus Group Discussions

Focus Group Studies to know consumer feedback on your product..

Organoleptic Testing

Get score for taste , body and flavor of your product by the experts..

Competitor Benchmarking

Get bench-marking of your product done against as many competitors in the..