Contaminant Testing

As per National Milk Safety & Quality Survey, 2018 in respect of Aflatoxin M1 was beyond the permissible limits in 368 (out of 6438) samples, that is 5.7% of the samples. Aflatoxin M1 comes in the milk through feed and fodder. Amongst the top three states with highest levels of Aflatoxin M1 residues are Tamil Nadu (88 out of 551 samples), Delhi (38 out of 262) and Kerala(37 out of 187 samples) This problem is more dominant in processed milk rather than raw milk. In terms of the Food Safety and Standard Regulation (Contaminants, toxin and residues) Regulations, 2011, 28 antibiotics and veterinary drugs have been notified for milk. The survey showed that 77 (out of 6432) samples which is 1.2% of the sample had residues of antibiotics above the permissible limits.

Liquid Milk

Aflatoxin M1 in milk (quantitative)

Aflatoxin in feed (quantitative)

Sulfonamide group test (qualitative)

Betalactum group test (qualitative)

Aflatoxin M1 in milk (qualitative) using antigen/antibody immunochromatography

Sulfonamide group test (qualitative) using antigen/antibody immunochromatography

Betalactum group test (qualitative) using antigen/antibody immunochromatography