What is new product development in Dairy industry?

As the theme says – new product development of NPD will be a key
mantra post COVID in the Dairy and Food Industry, No Doubt.

i) The issue & Our Traditional Habits

We are amidst tough and trying times of COVID now. One single reason for this
pandemic is compromised respiratory immunity, largely affecting the immunity of
individuals and the elderly.
This largely does not necessarily mean that youngsters are safe. Government
bodies have taken all precautions and are advocating need to overcome this
disease through the following recommendations

  • Prevention and Avoidance through Lockdown and social distancing
  • Recommendations on Meditation, Health & Exercise
  • Nutrition, Fortification and Traditional supplements

With the presumption that consumers follow the first two – i.e. avoidance through social distancing and health through exercise, the later half clearly is in the ambit of not only our Dairy industry but also in general the food industry.

NPD or Innovation is clearly one of the important ways out to provide a good solution to this problem. India stands to be advantaged, unlike the west or the South East Asian nations for the following reasons –

  • Milk consumption is a habit
  • Use of Traditional spices and herbs is also a part of the routine food domain of Indians
  • Indians know the art of innovating with combining spices and essential foods with a large, very large variety
  • Several of the herbal infusions that fall in the domain of Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidhya are a part of our Traditions and the Indian medical nuances.

Indian Dairy Industry has always stood up to the innovation and NPD need of Traditional Indian Dairy foods – eg. Lassi, Chaach, Flavoured Yoghurt based drinks, Masala milk, Turmeric Milk etc etc.

II) What – The Pointers for innovation –

  1. Pure unadulterated Milk can give us a lot of goodness & milk is almost consumed daily by Indians and India is a world leader in Milk production
  2. Quality Milk
    1. Proteins
    2. Whey Proteins
    3. Lactoferrin
    4. Immunoglobulins
    5. Several essential micro nutrients

What solutions are needed here –

  • Quick approaches to ensure purity of milk at all levels of procurement and processing
  • Work innovatively with isolated milk ingredients – whey proteins, Calcium etc. in NPD
  • Spice and herbs & essential Oils, fortification that could help innovate –
  1. Turmeric and Curcumin
    1. Piperine from Pepper
    2. Ginger and ginger essential oils
    3. Murayya (Curry leaves)
    4. Giloy ( Guduchi or Tinospora
    5. Fortification of milk – Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Calcium, Magnesium etc

What solutions are needed here: –

  • Combination solution of milk – natural and fermented products with compatible spices, herbs and essential oils
  • Impact on health
  • Residual effect of the spices during shelf life

III)Approaches to Innovations – Need of the hour

  1. Need to integrate Science of Herbs and principles of Auyrveda into product development so that this could boost a natural traditional approach to consumption through consumer convenience
  • In-depth Science – Backed with appropriate clinical research with thorough data based approch
  • From Structure-Function claims to Authorized claims through the development of Dairy products that meets Health Expectations and goes through a scientific approval process leading to FSSAI approved Authorized Health Claims
  • Focus on Consumer – Ensure Great Tasting products with health and immunity embedded through good product development and testing protocols.