Does Drinking Milk Increase Mucus Production?

The belief that milk increases mucus production has been widely held for hundreds of years and is still widely held today, despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that drinking milk causes an increase in mucus production in the throat or airways or an intensification of cold or asthma symptoms.

The answer is simple: “When someone has a cold or any other type of chest disease, including asthma, milk does not cause them to produce a lot of extra mucus”.

Why Does It Feel Like Milk Triggers Mucus?

The sensation of a coating in the mouth is simply the result of oral enzymes interacting with milk, which is essentially fat dissolved in water.

Emulsions seem to aggregate due to the presence of oral mucus, which results in an increase in volume and stickiness.

It is most likely what some individuals feel in their throats and mistakenly think to be extra mucus.

According to studies, milk has no impact on lung function and does not aggravate asthmatic patients’ symptoms. People often report coughing after drinking cold milk because they inhaled cool air while drinking. If the milk is warmed, this symptom usually goes away.

Source : Team Safe Labs