Are Solids Not Fat ( SNF) in milk good for health?

Solids-Not- Butterfat and other non-water milk constituents are referred to as fat (SNF). After all of the water in milk has entirely evaporated, it is a byproduct that is still there. Lactose, vitamins, calcium, minerals, fat, protein, and other nutrients are among the SNF found in milk. These greatly increase the nutritional content of milk. Cow milk typically has to have more than 8.5% SNF, whereas buffalo milk needs to have 9.0% SNF.

SNF is the nutritional component of milk that is not milk fat and water is known as “not fat.” It is made up of minerals like calcium and phosphorus, as well as proteins, principally lactose and casein, carbs, and carbohydrates. Total solids are what you get when SNF and milk fat combine.

Any milk sweet’s physico-chemical, sensory, textural, and shelf-life features are significantly influenced by fat and solids-not-fat (SNF).

Low protein and vitamin intake in the diet is the cause of low SNF content in milk. Lower SNF level can be attributed to reduced mineral combination feeding as well as heat stress. SNF naturally rises if cows and buffaloes have appropriate feed. Feed a variety of green fodder weighing 20 to 25 kg. Do not combine legumes with green feed like sorghum, cowpea, or hedge lucerne.

To boost SNF in milk, it is advised to give 10 kg of dry feed after evening milking. For a typical milking cow, a minimum of 4 kg of concentrated feed are required. If you have high milkers, increase this number.

SNF/Total Solids of Milk can be calculated by three methods.

  1. i) Gravimetric method
  2. ii) By use of formula

iii) By Richmond’s scale.

How to calculate SNF in milk by using formulas

  1. i) Determine the fat percentage of the milk sample by Gerber’s method.
  2. ii) Record lactometer reading and temperature of the milk and calculate.

iii) Input the value of fat and corrected Lactometer Reading (CLR) in the following formula to calculate SNF in milk.

SNF% = (CLR/ 4) + 0.21F + 0.14

A diet that is lacking in protein and nutrients is the main cause of low SNF in milk. So, the next time you buy milk, you can apply the following calculations to determine its SNF value.

Source : Team Safe labs