Why double toned milk is prescribed by the doctors?

Milk is nutrients rich liquid it contains all the essential amino acids which plays vital role in
repairing immune system. It takes place in various biochemical reactions which is very important
in metabolism. Milk is good for restoration bone density. Milk protein helps reduce muscle
breakdown post exercise, due to its rich amino acid profile.
Double toned milk: This milk is obtained by adding skimmed milk powder to whole milk
and has about 1.5% fat content. It is good for those people who want to weight loss and those
who are suffering from various heart diseases. Double toned milk contains more vitamins D as
compared to toned milk.
Low fat
Double toned milk contains very low fat 1.5%. It keeps the heart healthy it reduces the bad
cholesterol level and helps in preventing coronary artery disease, heart attack, and stroke.
Easily digestible
It contains all the essential amino acids and this milk contains high amount of casein protein
which is easily digestible. Additionally, the probiotic, acidophilus present in milk enables easier
digestion of milk in the gut.
Contains fewer calories
It contains low calories than toned milk. Double toned milk contains 114 calories in one cup of
milk and toned milk contains 150 calories in one cup of toned milk. Double toned milk is good
in all aspects of health as compared to toned milk.
Rich source of Vitamin D
Double toned milk is highly rich in vitamin D than toned milk. It helps in better absorption of
calcium in the body. High vitamin D restores bone density and reduces the premature aging. It
regulates the sugar level in the body by regulating insulin level. It fulfill the vitamin D deficiency
in the body.