Milk Quality

Why does milk curdle?

Milk is a mixture (called an emulsion) of several compounds, primarily fat, protein and water. The three components of the emulsion separate when milk is heated; curdled milk is the result of the milk proteins coagulating and separating from the water. The small protein molecules in milk typically float around freely and independently because the protein is …

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Can we keep raw milk without refrigeration for long period?

Milk is excellent food for bacteria and molds. Left standing during a warm temperature, it might not last the day before it begins to sour as the result of microbial activity. That’s why milk is sold pasteurized and refrigerated, or ultra-pasteurized and kept in air-tight containers. It will depend on the room temperature; cold room will allow the milk for long time then …

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What is UHT milk?

Ultra Heat Treatment Milk is a generally used technique in the processing of milk by milk production facilities to ensure the food safety of the milk. In the UHT process, milk is heated to extremely high temperatures for a short period of time while retaining its nutritional value in order to eradicate any undesirable and …

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